April, A Month of Many Celebrations

This month is a three-for as we celebrate Arab American History Month, National Deaf History Month, and National Poetry Month. Arab American history is a celebration that recognizes the contributions of Arab Americans to the nation’s history. Americans of Arab heritage have advanced the nation’s achievements in diplomacy, science, technology, art, and culture. Deaf History Month is not a federally recognized holiday but a time to raise awareness of the contributions of the deaf and hard of hearing. National Poetry Month is a celebration of that wondrous art form that, with a few words, or 1000 words, reaches into our souls and transforms our view of the world. So, hop down to the library and check these books out!

  • Good Poems for Hard Times selected and arranged by Garrison Keillor
  • Pretty Boys Are Poisonous by Megan Fox
  • The Collected Poems of Emily Dickenson by Emily Dickenson
  • Deaf Utopia, A Memoir and a Love Letter to a Way of Life by Nyle DiMarco and Robert Siebert
  • My Friends¬†by¬†Hisham Matar is a luminous novel about friendship, family, and the unthinkable realities of exile
  • Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West by Benazir Bhutto, is a groundbreaking vision for how to bridge the widening gap between the Islamic World and the West

Photo by Aamyr

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