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Once upon a time, in the year 1807, in a little town called Sandisfield, nestled in the Berkshire mountains, a few early residents formed an association establishing two small libraries. One remained open for three decades, the second closing 16 years later in 1853.

In 1907 the Town library was reestablished at the former James Merrill store located at 147 Sandisfield Rd. in Montville. Coincidentally, the current library Director makes her home at the former Merrill store and library.

That library closed in 1923 when the Town established a small library on Route 8. This tiny building housed the library until 1977.

In 1975, Flora Rhodes, the town clerk, led a funding drive to establish a new, bigger, better library. Land was donated by Angelo and Carol Campetti, grants were awarded, and with hard work and community spirit the Sandisfield Free Public Library was opened and its present location October, 1977.  

Adapted from Sandisfield Then and Now, 1762–2012.

That is the story of Sandisfield‘s public library. Today it proudly wears a new hat (a new roof, courtesy of taxpayers, and the Town Select Board) and I invite you in for a visit.

Sometimes people have preconceived notions of what is in this little building – such as it only includes books for those who remember the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show – old, small, shabby. Those folks should think again.

Our library may be smaller than many, but if you haven’t visited recently, you may be surprised by what’s inside. There are over 3,000 books in our library – from romance, mystery, the philosophical, the comic.  

There is a selection of historical papers and books on Sandisfield and our corner of Berkshire County, how-to books on many subjects repair, non-fiction from recent best sellers (The Wager and The Ghosts of Honolulu), to classic authors, such as David McCullough and Tom Brokaw. Fiction is updated with monthly selections from both the Times bestsellers list, NPR reports, and other book review websites. We do carry many mysteries, but Sandisfield has many mystery readers.  

And that’s just on the top floor.

On the ground floor is “The Children’s area“. Here’s a cornucopia of books – picture books for the younger youngest of readers to older readers who enjoy adventures of Harry Potter, the Babysitter’s Club, and the Wimpy Kid Diaries. And it is not just a place to find a book to cozy up to. There are puzzles, Lincoln, Logs, Brio train sets, and more. Entertainment deluxe, with a back door that opens to the playground for more fun.

The library also hosts, artist musicians, magicians, and yes, storytellers throughout the year.

We at the library invite you to visit YOUR library. Tell us what interests you, what you would like to see at the library that you don’t see there already!

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